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What is the BOC-3 process agent filing?

The transportation companies operating in different states must name an SOP agent. 

Federal law requirement is to assign an individual or a business as a process agent to receive and forward all the legal court documents. A third person or an agency will do the legal work on your or company’s behalf in any unfavorable proceeding. 

To get an FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) certificate, transportation companies must fulfill the requirement of appointing an SOP agent who is professional and has complete details about almost all the legal documentation process. All the carrier companies must file FORM BOC-3 with FMCSA to receive the authorities.

Understanding FMCSA Agent or BOC-3 Process Agent?

If you operate or plan to start a transportation company, you must appoint a process agent service, an SOP agent. Service of process is an entity representing you in all states where you do business. A process agent can be an individual or a company hired by you and authorized to receive legal papers on your behalf. A process agent must be physically located in each state where you are permitted to operate and must present at the address during the said working hours. 

The SOP includes delivery of legal documents – specifically a summons or complaint letters mentioning that litigation has been registered against the party. 

A BOC-3 filing is often required beforehand to get approval to operate in states by the federal authority. 

As a motor carrier, the process agent is required to file only the BOC-3 online. 

Moreover, a broker or freight forwarder who does not have a commercial vehicle can submit the BOC-3 form as a paper copy.

Documents required to file BOC-3 form

Filing BOC-3 form on the FMCSA website, carriers are required to submit the following information:

  • Motor Carrier/broker/freight forwarder full name with complete address. 
  • Name and designation of the authorized person to sign. 
  • Name of the SOP agent of each state with a physical address listed separately or a blanket designation. A blanket designation is naming the association or a company, acting as an agent for every state and the district of Columbia. 

To proceed further with BOC-3 filing process agent, fill out the details below:

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