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Electronic Logging Device

In the United States, most commercial motor vehicles have to comply with the ELD mandate.

What is an ELD?

ELD is an electronic logging device used by the CMV (a mobile app for drivers) drivers to record driving time and HOS- Hours of Service automatically. Also, it captures the data on the attached vehicle engine, vehicle movement, and miles it is driven. 

ELD support planning, indexing, random inspections, and fleet compliance.

ELD consists of a vehicle tracking device connected with the truck, fleet management software, and a mobile app. 

How ELD works?

To calculate the actual HOS – Hours of Service, ELD is merged with the vehicle engine to record the driving time. ELD establishes a direct connection with the vehicle’s engine. It automatically starts recording the driving activity and other information such as ignition status, location, engine hours, and total miles driven.
Collected data then send to the server where duty status logs are cerated and pushed back to the ELD mobile APP for the driver to view. Drivers can access their logging information from an ELD APP through their smartphone and tablet. The same data can also be viewed by the fleet and compliance manager, who monitors and analyzes compliance with ELD Reports, Maps, and more.

Who needs an ELD?

Well, the FMCSA does allow exemptions for the drivers who do not require to keep Records of Duty Status (RODS), and:

  1. The driver uses RODS for not more than 8 days during any 30 days
  2. The driver of the vehicle older than the model year 2000
  3. Driveaway-towaway drivers, in consideration of the commercial motor-driven, is a part of the shipment.
  4. All drivers operating in the US needs to use ELD to record their RODs

To verify if your fleet is affected by the ELD Rule, consult us

ELD benefits for the carriers:

  • It increases the driver’s safety and saves lives
  • It simplifies the process of RODS
  • It increases HOS- Hours of Service 
  • It reduces paperwork for drivers and employer
  • It saves time and money spent on the office administration
  • It has minimized the risk of errors with automated tracking

As ELD is wholly based on the open platform telematics technology, it extends more benefits:

  • It supports IFTA fuel tax and IRP mileage reporting
  • It is an excellent advantage to maintain Vehicle inspection reporting
  • It monitors fuel consumption 
  • It keeps track of Engine fault reporting 
  • It generates Receipt and scan invoices 
  • It accesses real-time data— ELDs provide backbone support to data that used to increase overall fleet efficiency

To know you are ELD compliant

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